Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Leaks are among the most common plumbing issues. Some leaks are very obvious as far as their location and what caused them. However, many times the location, cause, and size of the leak is hidden and may have been ongoing for quite some time. This usually results in more damage, and often higher water bills, as opposed to if it had been found and addressed earlier. In these cases, leak detection is needed.

Urgent leaks are usually determined by whether or not it is a pressurized leak. Pressurized leaks are always urgent. In any case, it’s best to turn off the main water to your home or business and hire a plumber for repair immediately to prevent further damage and costs. You can usually find this shut off in the front of your home next to your hose. If you are unable to find it, give us a call at 949-466-1620 or ask your plumber next time he is servicing your home or business. If it is a fixture leak, you can typically turn off the angle stop/valve to that particular fixture to stop the leak without having to turn the water off to the entire space.

Signs of a leak would include:

  • Water present
  • The sound of water dripping or running when no fixture has been or is being used
  • Higher water bill
  • Damp or soft spots on floors or walls
  • Water rings on walls or ceilings

Luckily, Sun Coast Plumbing has the latest technology in leak detection! We use a machine called Goldak that uses sound and listens for the leak to determine the location. Goldak leak detectors are for professional plumbers and this company specifically has been manufacturing tools for eight decades! High quality and high performance for all of your leak detection needs.

Slab Leaks:

Our plumbers are highly skilled at slab leak repair, partly because slab leaks are very common in South Orange County so we do many of these repairs. There are many causes of slab leaks but it’s hard to pinpoint which cause is correlated. More times than not, it’s simply because your pipes are subject to corrosion and deterioration just like any other fixture of your home.

Signs of a slab leak would include:

  • Water present on floor, middle of floor near no walls, sometimes near a wall
  • Wood floor buckling, soft, or water seeping through panels
  • Sudden major increase in water bill
  • Wet spots on concrete that never seem to dry
  • Hot floor in front of sink or hot floor in kitchen without water present

Slab leaks aren’t always obvious and oftentimes, there isn’t water present. Don’t wait until you see a heavy leak to call a plumber! Preventive measures are highly important, especially when dealing with slab leaks. Slab leaks are known to cause a lot of damage if not addressed. First, our technicians will locate the leak and once found, will do a temporary repair so that you can prepare to have the compromised line rerouted. This is the best way to preserve the integrity of your property which is our number one priority.